Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My confusions.........

Every body says am confused...Am i confused.. Sometimes I feel this confusion is making confusion to me. You may get confused when you read my confusions blog.. But if you are not confused please send me a mail which will not confuse me...

Is confusion a disorder? First I become confused on my birth...When I opened my eyes lot of persons was staring at me without having confusion on there eyes. But I become confused when I see them and start crying. Then in second month am confused in the matter how to sleep, on my back or on my stomach. Confused at 4th month how to move swim on my stomach or walk on knees. Next confusion comes when I try to walk it’s about how to step. When I start eating am confused what to eat and how to eat..

In my schooldays first am confused how to spell the alphabets, when I start spelling the alphabets am confused how to say it arranged order, then writing also confused .same confusion happened in numbers. But the confusion never ended when I start sum multiplication, subtractions and divisions. I confused some dispositions of cross signs giving different answers.. Then in upper classes x and y came with lot of confusions. and in in final years also logarithms and algorithms confused me a lot.

Then come confusion on college days. First which college to join, which subject to study. College days confusion never end in studies confusion rules me in which girl to love which all girls I can make friends, which all males will become obstacle in my love all made me confused. Then next confusion was on buying a bike, how I can get money to buy a bike, how I can get permission from my house to buy. Which bike I have to buy all confused me.

After studies in my carrier , am confused which classified should I check for job, which job I should sent my cv , in which program I should type a CV. Which jobsite I have to upload my CV.when I get letter for interview am confused how I can answer the questions, how I can prepare for the interview, how should I dress for an interview. after joining job am confused how to start my work, how I can please my manager, how I can be a smart employee .

when I got two offers from two companies am confused whether I should stay in my country whether I should go abroad, when decided to go abroad I confused which plane I should book ticket , which way I should plan my journey. After entering the plane am confused which food I have to eat which drinks I have to drink. When I start my travel am confused whether I should sleep or I have to watch television. When decided to watch television confused in which channel I have to see.

When all these things start confusing me I thought of writing a blog to reduce my confusion then it start confusion in which blog I should write and which language I have to write. When start writing what to write and when to write. So for helping me to get rid of confusion, please send me a mail which will not confuse me.